Marios Chrysanthou

About Marios

Marios has worked with CRM in the NFP sector for over 20 years. He is also a Chartered Accountant and so he speaks the language of Finance departments the world over.

Having held senior positions within membership organisations implementing CRM, he has experienced the client side of CRM projects. From here he moved to the delivery team of a well-known NFP software provider.

The combination of these experiences inspired Marios to set up a specialist consultancy providing CRM services to the NFP sector. With years of in depth knowledge of how membership organisations function and the shape of their CRM needs, he conceived Bluelight to provide the products to support these needs.

Marios is married and enjoys a good steak and a long run, not necessarily in that order. His ambition is to sleep past 6.30am, but then he remembers that he has small children. Oh well…