Align your technology with the
needs of your members

Optimise your membership management processes, increase engagement, and cultivate lasting relationships with your members through our comprehensive solutions and services.

Increase engagement and cultivate lasting relationships 

Making technology work for you

We offer comprehensive and tailored solutions designed to optimise
your member management processes, enhance engagement, and
foster enduring relationships with your members. 

Member View

We offer a robust CRM platform, a centralised hub for all your member data. This allows you to manage and access critical information in one secure location, such as member profiles, communication history, and engagement metrics.

Membership Workflows

Our CRM systems offer customisable workflows that match your organisation's processes. Our solutions minimise manual effort and streamline operations, whether it's for membership renewals, financial management, or event planning.

Member Engagement

Our CRM solutions enable you to engage with members through personalised email campaigns, event registrations, and targeted marketing initiatives, fostering meaningful interactions that increase participation and loyalty.


Our CRM analytics offer valuable insights into member behaviour, preferences, and trends, enabling you to make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and create personalised experiences that cater to your members' needs.


Our CRM systems seamlessly integrate with your organisation’s existing software, such as accounting systems, marketing automation tools, and event management platforms, ensuring smooth information flow, eliminating data silos, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Member Support

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support, aiding you with everything from initial setup and training to ongoing assistance to ensure that you get the most out of our CRM solutions and achieve your goals.


We provide a comprehensive CPD management solution that streamlines the management of activities, promotes transparency, and provides data insights to enhance member satisfaction and retention.

Boards and Committee Management

This feature simplifies board and committee activities by scheduling meetings, tracking attendance, managing minutes, and maintaining communication among members. Additionally, it facilitates transparency and strategic decision-making by storing member profiles and relevant information.

Comprehensive Event Management

Streamlining event planning, execution, and evaluation has never been easier. This feature includes scheduling, attendee registration, venue selection, marketing, and post-event analysis. It simplifies management and improves the attendee experience for successful events.

What we like about BLC is their honesty and their can-do attitude. Right at the start, they were clear about the risks around such a short timeline, and they proactively worked with us to manage those risks.

  • Dr Nuna Staniaszek
  • Director of Communications
  • IOM3

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