Transforming Business Processes at Home Builders Federation

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The Home Builders Federation (HBF) represents over 200 home-building organisations and their contacts by working with the government, holding working groups, forming policy ideas and communicating on a wide range of issues. Members gain access to a range of educational courses, networking opportunities, communications and events running throughout the year.

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What I really liked about working with Bluelight was the way they approached the project, from running workshops with each department to the dedicated staff for our project, which made them part of our team.

  • Catherine Wilson
  • IT and Digital Manager
  • Home Builders Federation



To manage HBF’s functions and business needs, data had historically been maintained in a variety of separate and non-integrated sources. This data was not always reliable, and managing business processes was time-consuming and manual. HBF were keen to move to an integrated, future-proof CRM, which would evolve with their changing needs.

HBF needed a complete picture of engagement with their members gained from managing activities around membership, events, training programmes and marketing campaigns. These processes needed to be effective and efficient, as well as allowing easy and flexible options for reporting and data analysis.

The new CRM needed to provide a single source of truth for HBF data and a 360-degree view of member engagement, which would incorporate all functions and integrate with several systems, including the HBF website and communications platform, as well as existing finance systems.

This is just the beginning. The CRM is continually growing, and so I look forward to working with Bluelight for a long time. We feel like we are in a safe pair of hands.

  • Catherine Wilson
  • IT and Digital Manager
  • Home Builders Federation
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Bluelight engaged with HBF users and the project team from the start and provided a framework for the delivery of the new CRM, which was realistic and easily understood. The programme of work included:

  • Dynamics CRM implementation

  • Full data migration from legacy data sources

  • Full integration with HBF’s current website and comms platforms

Bluelight’s prototype BlueCRM Dynamics solution enabled Bluelight and HBF to engage in a series of rapid iterations to deliver a sophisticated, scalable and integrated environment to enable HBF to achieve its vision and better engage with its members and stakeholders.

When we requested changes or came across any issues, they were very accommodating and methodical in their approach to find the best solution.

  • Catherine Wilson
  • IT and Digital Manager
  • Home Builders Federation


  • Enabling understanding of member needs by utilising integrated functionality across all areas of HBF’s processes.

  • Strategies to optimise membership engagement and value gained from intelligent data analytics

  • A central data source in the new CRM with data migration from legacy sources

  • A fully integrated portal and communications platform offering a more personalised experience for members

  • A future-proof system that has the capacity to evolve with the organisation

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