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Bluelight's robust solution ensures a well-defined, step-by-step process for each case, from initial inquiries to successful outcomes.

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and hello to secure online management!

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Charities have unique challenges and specialist needs that traditional CRM platforms do not adequately address.

Our solutions are designed to meet these particular requirements and provide features that enable you to
focus on your mission of positively impacting the world!

Tailored Solutions

We create charity-focused CRM, web, and data solutions. Our custom integration solutions are tailored to your unique business needs, ensuring optimal functionality and user experience.

Donor Management

Track donor contact details, donation history, communication preferences, and engagement levels. Manage relationships and deliver targeted fundraising campaigns.

Impact Measurement

Collect and analyse data to evaluate your programmes, assess performance, and improve continuously.


Maximising the lifetime value of your donors whilst balancing effective communications.


Effectively manage legacies by utilising various features such as tracking and coordinating gifts, notifications, and legal/financial professionals, resulting in a seamless administration process.

Grant & Fund

Simplify grant applications, manage proposals and budgets, track fund allocations, and monitor progress. It makes managing and reporting on funds from multiple sources easy.

Trust &
Major Gift

Our solution offers personalised communication and effective management tools to connect with high-net-worth individuals for trust and gift management.

Programmes &

Streamlines programme delivery by tracking participation, managing registrations, coordinating services, and generating reports for data-driven decision-making and improved outcomes.

Management &

Our solutions offer tools for managing volunteers, scheduling, communication, and online community building. It fosters collaboration and inclusivity among supporters.

Our search for a reliable and experienced CRM supplier led us to Bluelight, and I’m pleased to add myself and Epilepsy Action to the comprehensive list of Bluelight’s clients who are massively positive supporters of them.

  • Jon Eaton
  • Director of Communication and Digital Engagement
  • Epilepsy Action

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