People First: Collaborative CRM with the British Orthopaedic Association

Orthopaedic Surgeon


The British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) is the Surgical Speciality Association for Trauma and Orthopaedics in the UK. They are a membership organisation and a registered charity with over 5000 members made up of Consultants (active and retired), Staff and Associate specialist grades (SAS) and trainees. This includes almost 300 overseas members.

They provide national leadership and a unifying focus on caring for patients and support surgeons by focusing on excellence in:

  • Professional Practice

  • Training and Education

  • Research


Bluelight were very proactive, always thinking one step ahead. Nothing was impossible or unachievable.

  • Liz Fry
  • Finance Director
  • The British Orthopaedic Association



In late 2017 the BOA was looking for a supplier to replace their existing CRM system, their main website and a subsite dedicated to their Annual Congress. Integration between systems was minimal to non-existent, and the legacy CRM was no longer serving its purpose in a changing environment.

The BOA wanted a major overhaul that provided an integrated, fresh new dynamic CRM system that would drive business processes and optimise resource applications.

Staff ‘bought in’ to the project and were made to feel involved from the beginning, with their opinions listened to and taken into account. Bluelight were a great asset and collaborator in this project.

  • Liz Fry
  • Finance Director
  • British Orthopaedic Association



Working with the requirements outlined in the BOA’s Invitation to Tender, Bluelight produced a prototype CRM in the ‘Discovery Phase’ of the project, allowing Bluelight and the BOA to interact and explore options and preferences through a series of workshops with end users. From here, Bluelight refined the functional specification to drive the final development of the BOA-specific BlueCRM product.

A focus on quality, incremental familiarity and increasing confidence in the system for the end user were key aspects of the approach. Bluelight built-in continuous and appropriate engagement points with the BOA user group to ensure a united and co-ordinated effort across the entire Project team. It’s all about the users…

Orthopaedic Surgery


Working with Bluelight has been informative and enjoyable. They have challenged us to think critically about our business process to avoid ‘making the product fit the process’ but also listened and taken a creative approach to some of our more quirky requirements. They had a hands-on approach but, more importantly, a sense of humour, making them a pleasure to work with.

  • Justine Clarke
  • COO
  • The British Orthopaedic Association


  • Multiple and varied legacy data sources into a single integrated view of BOA’s members and stakeholders
  • Integrated functionality across all areas of BOA’s processes, including Membership, Events, Courses, Marketing, Finance, Campaigns and Donations
  • Simple-to-use business workflows improving process and data accuracy
  • Highly automated processes and notifications driving organisational efficiency
  • A fully featured integration layer enabling all aspects of integration with BOA’s new website

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