Rob Dobell

About Rob

Rob has spent the majority of his career working within the healthcare and non-profit sectors. Starting out on an IT career, he soon established that his passion was in the application of technology for good, an ambition which he pursued through a number of roles aligning technology teams with business needs within those specific sectors. Having served as Head of IT for a membership body, he joined a consultancy dedicated to supporting non-profits through digital change projects, serving as a consultant and senior, then leading the delivery team.

Understanding how fundamental to their success it is for non-profits to have effective technology implemented properly, Rob’s focus is making sure that the specialist Bluelight delivery team have the capacity, tools, knowledge and support they deserve, enabling them to perform at their best level.

Rob is married, and - when he’s not working - you’ll find him cooking, gardening, walking, socialising or travelling. Apparently, he also spends too much time and money watching live music and buying vinyl records…