Mastering the Handover | Ensuring a Smooth Transition from Project Delivery to Account Management
  • James Whitney
  • 21 February 2024

Mastering the Handover | Ensuring a Smooth Transition from Project Delivery to Account Management

Our approach is comprehensive and client-centric when it comes to ensuring a seamless transition for clients from project delivery to ongoing account management and support.

To begin with, we recognise the critical nature of an implementation project's 'go live' and user acceptance testing phases. These stages are pivotal in determining the project's success but are also periods when clients require substantial support. We offer 'Go Live & Hyper Care Services' to meet this need. This delivery mechanism guides and assists clients throughout these crucial stages.

Think of it as a gentle guiding hand, providing reassurance and assistance at every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition from project delivery to ongoing support and account governance.

Bluelight had a great attitude to problem-solving. Their experience, responsiveness and empathy meant that they understood the customer perspective and were able to think outside the box, offering pragmatic solutions to keep the forward momentum.

  • Louise Pritchard
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • BDA (British Dietetic Association)

But our support does not end there.

As part of the transition process, all teams set to take over the client's account post 'go live' - primarily the support and account management teams - are thoroughly briefed on the project. This ensures they are ready to hit the ground running when the client is transferred. From that point on, clients have multiple touchpoints and channels of communication with account management and support.

Regular account management meetings form a key component of this ongoing communication. These meetings provide a platform for clients to voice their concerns, feedback or any new requirements. They also serve as an opportunity for us to update clients on any relevant developments of the Microsoft stack, our solution and any associated/relevant third-party products.

In addition, we have an online support request portal in place. This effective tool allows clients to log tickets, track their progress, make queries and communicate with our support engineers in near real-time. This gives clients a sense of control over their concerns and ensures that their issues are addressed promptly and efficiently. We have a set of published SLAs based upon issue severity and consistently achieve beyond our SLAs. The Senior Leadership Team reviews performance against SLAs on a weekly basis.

Project Delivery to Account Management



Our approach to ensuring a smooth transition for clients involves a combination of thorough internal preparation, continuous client engagement, and the provision of robust, interactive support systems. This comprehensive and empathetic approach ensures that our clients feel supported and valued at every step of their journey with us.